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DTS8 Coffee cultivates and enhances the art of appreciating and drinking coffee. DTS8 Coffee leads the global movement of introducing, educating, and promoting a coffee drinking culture world-wide, currently focusing on China and East and South-East Asia. DTS8 offers a complete range of roasted coffees designed to appeal to "every taste bud". DTS8 coffees provide a rich flavor, with a clean distinctive taste that coffee-drinkers in particular seem to enjoy. DTS8 Coffee is proud to offer you a selection of our finest roasted coffee. Just look for the DTS8 Coffee labels to discover the creme de la creme of fine coffees.

DTS8 Premium Selection
Available in China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Macau, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore & Malaysia
  • DTS8 Blue
  • DTS8 Red
  • DTS8 Espresso Classic
The DTS8 Premium Selection includes coffees that are masterfully blended by the DTS8 Roast Master for daily coffee drinkers who appreciate and enjoy a smooth, robust coffee with no bitter after-taste. The raw coffee beans are selected from the premium Arabica beans from around the world and roasted to produce a nice aroma and a hint of vanilla and chocolate flavour. The coffee farms are located at around 4,000 feet altitude. Coffee beans at such high elevations mature more slowly and develop better flavored oils. Sloped terrains offer the advantage of providing a healthy mixture of sun and shade exposure. These coffee beans are processed through the more costly and flavor-enhancing method. These coffees are perfectly suited as a daily morning drink and to complement any meals.

Don Manuel
Available in China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, East Timor, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Under the licensing agreement with Coffee Holdings Co Ltd, (www.coffeeholding.com), DTS8 Coffee roasts, markets, and sells this legendary 100% Colombian Don Manuel coffee. Don Manuel coffee is artisan roasted by DTS8 Coffee under strict standards, which ensures that every cup offers a rich, full bodied coffee with chocolate flavours, sweet-toned syrupy notes, and a smooth, complex and balanced flavor with a clean distinctive taste. These coffees are perfect for coffee connoisseurs who seem to enjoy a cup of robust coffee with clean distinctive taste to get through the day.

Private Labels
For private label coffees information and quote, please send information to sales@dts8coffee.com